We create Indexes empowered and owned by the Crowd for impact and performance
you had me at "IMPACT"

“The Opportunity is Now
The sentiment of these (the next) generations will drive not only their decisions as employees, but also as an investor, with the word undergoing the largest transfer of wealth in history: $24 trillion from baby boomers to millennials.”


Larry Fink
Chairman & CEO, BlackRock

Our Methodology

At the nucleus of the HP360 design is our proprietary Crowd Impact Preference Index Methodology (CIPM) – the first-time constituent sector sentiment, ESG compliance and financial performance big data has been incorporated into the screening process of financial products. We leverage blockchain technology and AI-driven analytics to effectively model the crowd sentiment to democratize the coalition of individual preference data. Our AI Media Plus (AIM+) IP content management system is also able to uniquely harness these insights by actively engaging a community sector of constituents and influencers to help shape corporate behavior and deliver maximum social impact and growth of new impact financial products to the marketplace.

Our Work

Crowdex is not new to the power inherent in listening to the people to shape investment decisions. We started our journey over a year ago with the launch of for groundbreaking LGBTQ100 ESG Index which empowered the LGBTQ community to express their preferences for the nation’s high-performing corporations most dedicated to advancing equality. This initiative was launched with the oversight of a high-profile board of directors including U.S. former Congressman, Barney Frank, Major League Baseball’s VP of Social Responsibility and Inclusion, Billy Bean; Hall of Fame Tennis Player, Equality Advocate, Martina Navratilova; Financial Leader & Globally recognized expert in exchange-traded funds (ETF), Robert Tult; and Bobby Blair entrepreneur and former world-ranked professional tennis player.

Our Team

We are passionate and inclusive group of global leaders, executives and strategics partners who share the common vision of enabling investors to harness the power and democratization of the crowd to create the most impactful and profitable financial products in the world. Our fundamental corporate pillars are built upon Transparency, Trust, Inclusion and Empowerment. We believe this philosophy empowers the crowd and aligns with our efforts to create meaningful and measures change for the evolution of environmental, social and governance sustainable impact though financial advocacy!

Harnessing the Power of the Crowd

1. Impact Activation

Authentic activation starts with passionate crowd of constituents, which are attracted to the aligned vision, mission, board influencers, performance and impact mandate!

a. ENABLE – Impact News & Learning Thought Leadership
CROWDFUNDING – Federal JOBS Act Approval
b. EMPOWER – Community Scoring Crowd Engagement
AUM GROWTH – Crowdsourced ETF Seed
ETF Investments

c. DEMOCRATIZE – Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Blockchain Community Pulse
CROWD DATA – ESG 30 Preference Data
Observational ESG Data

2. Impact Capital

The disruptive ESG or social mandate that will attract all investors has to be transparent and align with the compliance required to meet environmental, social & governance standards.

    Effective June of 2017, the SEC has approved companies that have completed a Reg A+ offering and have over 400 registered shareholder may be eligible for an IPO to the NYSE or NASDAQ
  • REG A+
    Regulation A+ authorized into law in 2015 as part of the JumpStart Our Business Startups Act 9JOBS Act). Companies can raise up to $50 million per year online from investors of any wealth level worldwide.
  • REG D 506©
    Data that provides quantifiable key performance indicators that empowers a symbiotic relationship with the crowd. The ’S’ in ESG represent Social Impact + Empowerment = Sentiment Data.
  • REG CF
    Regulation CF, also known as “equity crowdfunding” allows a Company to raise funds from the public up to a maximum of $1 million and must file with SEC prior to their private offering.

3. Impact Insights

Data that provides quantifiable key performance indicators that empowers a symbiotic relationship with the crowd. The ’S’ in ESG represent Social Impact + Empowerment = Sentiment Data.

a. EXTERNAL DATA – News, social sentiment, ESG and Financial Data
b. SURVEYS & POLLS – Annual and interactive micro polls and surveys
c. COMMUNITY SCORING – Brand preferences aligned with sector values
d. COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT – Pulse of the community reflecting their sentiments

4. Impact Investing

Financial Advocacy empowers investors to express their views, seek the information required and explore the best choices that will support their ROI and return on Social impact.

    Accelerating investments into ETF and Index products utilizing systematic, data-driven integrated marketing
    Driving investments though a network of qualified sales professionals targeting institutional investors and asset managers
    License our Index though a network of TAMP and AMC platforms to enable institutional impact investment
    Crow sourced advocates and founding investors as catalyst to AUM growth